Nature and Photography go hand in hand — Where the natural beauty and art of the great outdoors can be captured in a single moment  for us to enjoy and remember.

This blog is a medium for sharing my photography and other information from my travels and life’s adventures.

All photos have been taken by me as I’ve explored nature and my passion for photography and travel throughout my lifetime.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeannine Gagarin

    Norton, your pictures are beautiful. I really enjoyed hearing about your travels today at breakfast. You are so fortunate to have traveled to such distant and exotic locales, and to appreciate the natural beauty you found there.

  2. Cathie Hirsch

    Hey Norton, these are great photos! I just received your letter so I thought I’d check out your site. You sure have logged a lot of miles in your lifetime and experienced some unbelievable sites.

  3. joyce

    Love the pics. Waiting for the next adventure.

  4. Greg

    Very nice pictures. A friend of mine is in Antarctica now too, in the dry valleys collecting geological samples. Name is David Fink, a geophysicist based in Sidney. He’s only about 2000 miles from you. Say Hi for me 🙂

    -5, sunny, 10 -15 mph wind, 6″ fresh snow…..wish I was there.

  5. Lois Hietanen

    Wishing you lots of luck on your trip; can’t wait to see the pictuires.
    Have a great time. I hope I registered right. Take care. Lois

  6. Mimi Zinniel

    Norton – Great blog! You are a fabulous photographer, and I can’t wait to see Antartica through your eyes! When is your trip?

  7. sandy

    Love the ” about”

  8. sandy

    Great pictures.
    Do I have to really register and log in. If I do what happens then.?

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