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Hmmmm, wonder if those humans will make a lot of noise on the beach New Year’s Eve…

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And the race for a HAPPY NEW YEAR is on …

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photo by S.A.N.

Watching for Santa …


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3 hour delay to board plane … delay in actual boarding due to passenger having problems boarding … delay in take off due to a drunk passenger that needed to be ‘removed’ from the plane … another delay in take off due to abusive passenger that needed to be ‘removed’ from the plane … rough weather once in the air … YES, it is worth it ……

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Is there anymore to this ….

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May You & Yours Have Fond Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas!!!


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 Just so you know … I have my eye on you…

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Just because it is a little cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside the house. Bundle up and take little hike, enjoy the fresh air and get natural vitamin D. Traverse City, MI has a nice area called the Grand Traverse Commons with well-marked trails through 480 acres of preserved land. When you are done hiking you can stop in at the bakery or take a peek in some unique shops before you leave the area.


Who said it was time to get up?

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I’ve got my eye on you …

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